‌Thank You So Much!!‌

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for all the hard work Jerry and his associates put in to the process of buying our new home. It all began the summer of 2005 when Chuck received a solicitation call from the National Homeowner’s Association. A lady by the name of Amber explained to him how we could get into a house with no money down. She wanted to set an appointment for Jerry to come out to our apartment and explain the process. So Chuck scheduled an appointment. Latter that night when I got home, Chuck told me about the appointment. My response was, “it’s a scam.” But we decided to listen anyway thinking that it was too good to be true. Jerry arrived at our apartment and was very polite and professional and continued to explain the process. It sounded good but unfortunately we had just singed a year’s lease with the apartment complex and it would not be up until March 2006. He thanked us for our time and told us to keep him in mind. When January rolled around, we decided to call Jerry and ask him to come back out. Jerry told us that he wanted the opportunity to earn our business. We started the process of looking for our home. Chuck’s schedule was hectic at the time, so Jerry, my dad, and I looked at several homes but found none that really grabbed ya. When we did find a home we liked, it already had a contract on it… I would start to get discouraged and Jerry would always encourage me and say “o you’ll find the one you want we just to have to keep on looking and not give up.” He would always lift my spirits and say, “When you find the home you want it will make you light up and then you will know that is the one you want.” One Saturday afternoon in February, Chuck and I found the home of our dreams. The house made me light up and I knew it was the one!!! Just like Jerry said it would. I have to tell you that we are so happy and proud of our home! If you are interested in buying a home Jerry is the person to trust. He did everything he promised and more!! Even with my skepticism, Jerry was always there for us and assured us that having equity in a home is so much better than renting an apartment and having no equity and owning nothing. He is a professional and has definitely earned the right to our business. We consider Jerry not only our real-estate agent but also our friend. Jerry we thank you and you firm from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work… Thank you for making our dreams come true!! ! It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and know that we are living in a home that belongs to us! !! Building equity for our future instead of someone else’s… Sorry it has taken me so long to write this letter but my schedule has been so hectic… Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sincerely, Leslie and Chuck

Thank You‌

Hello Jerry, I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to put into writing my family’s gratitude for assisting us in procuring our fist home. Jerry, when you showed up, my family and I were recovering from financial indiscretions caused by my termination from my job. We wanted to start looking for a home and then you showed up. When you told us that you could help us get into a home with no money down and no closing, we were skeptical. Not wanting to sound cliche, but you were Heaven sent. You helped us by advising us on how to help get our credit up to par and get us into the house we wanted. Thank you, again Jerry for everything you have done and may you have continuous blessings.


June 21, 2017 Mr. Jerry Mastroeni: On behalf of Graham King Idy and I, We want to say a big thanks to you Sir. The experience you took us through in the process of buying our new home was one of a kind. Your patience, your love, your wide range of knowledge in business and your sense of presentation testifies to high heavens that America is truly great. And the Spirit of God in your life makes the difference, and this is much more than gold. Even Graham can testify that you’re a man with such a pure heart. Your sense of professionalism beats my imagination, and Nancy in your life makes you unbeatable. I have seen godly men all my life, but you’re one of a kind. And in this whole process, you have thought me humility in a whole new dimension. United States would remain great because of personalities like you. And I praise and worship the God you serve. Your name has become a household name in our home, and we can’t wait to recommend not just anybody but good people to you. You’re a blessing to us, and we bless the day we met you. We’re home now and we’re happy and so pleased to call this place home, indeed a promised land. And to say thank you doesn’t just seem enough. So we say the good Lord bless your beautiful soul and family and business in Jesus name. Graham, Idy, Matthew, King, and Akazue.

What a Great Blessing!

Jerry & Nancy, What a Great Blessing to have wonderful people like you in our lives. Y’all are Truly inspirational people! We were given a gift from the Lord that we were able to meet one another. The knowledge that you passed on to me will remain with me forever!! Thanks Again!!!! David Bone

Very grateful

Jerry & Nancy, Just a note of thanks for what your mentorship has meant to me. 4 years ago, I felt like God told me to buy a house. I had no idea how to do this nor ever thought to buy a house. I shared this with Nancy who was a personal friend and she said she and her husband (Jerry) would help me. They walked with me through the entire process from credit checking, to getting a mortgage, and all the way through looking at houses and purchasing a home. Jerry was excellent as a realtor in purchasing my first house. It was a miracle house. God helped me and enabled it to happen, and He really worked through Nancy and Jerry. 4 years later I felt like God wanted me to sell the house. Jerry and Nancy again were instrumental in the process of selling. Jerry honestly went above and beyond in finding our buyer. I know it was God who sent the buyer but Jerry was an agent to find them. He just did a great a job. In the end, I sold my house for the amount of money I was asking/expecting which was a very optimistic goal. Jerry partnered with me to navigate a lot of challenges that came up until we found the right buyer. The buyer also was very blessed (Jerry also represented them). Jerry worked with my insurance to help obtain a brand new roof for the buyer at zero cost to me. We all came out of the deal happy. I could go on and on. I just would highly recommended Nancy and Jerry as your mortgage broker and or realtor. They were instrumental in helping me transition into my first season of home ownership, and then transitioning out of that season into a whole new adventure with significant blessing and financial breakthroughs. Very grateful to God for Nancy and Jerry and everything they have done for me. Lance Judson

The Reward of our Relationship

Knowing Jerry Mastroeni is a powerful blessing; it’s been one of the hidden secrets to my success. If I were writing a book, I wouldn’t be able to leave him out. God led me to meet to this man. If you ever get a chance to sit down with him, you can tell instantly that he’s your biggest support; it’s truly a gift from God. Every meeting we have, he advocates on God’s behalf. Moments with Jerry will leave you with a sense of empowerment and preparation for the battles of life. He is my wisest counselor, who can coach me on any aspect of life from marriage, family, business, school, dealing with the matters of the heart and so much more. After a few sit-downs, I began my path to the top. One must be ready for what he has to offer…what he says really works, you must take him at his word. He runs a tight ship and is well connected throughout the country. He can teach you how to do anything from his level of confidence and expertise. He staffed, initiated, and invested into the execution of a crucial business deal that we later leveraged the capitol from to purchase a Steak N Shake. For months he would remind me, “Patience Brother…Patience is our weapon.” And we sure defeated Goliath. This was just a brief write-up to describe the relationship that I am blessed to have with Jerry Mastroeni. Sincerely, Robby Owens Jr

Our prayers were answered

I had been looking for a house for 3 months but with no success. My fiancé and I were starting to get frustrated and was running out of time to be out of our rental. The housing market is so crazy right now but God doesn’t always take us down a straight path. There will be detours, delays, times when you feel like you’re going down the wrong way. Don’t get stuck on the method. The way you think it’s going to happen may not be the way God’s going to do it. What you can’t see is, on that path that’s going the wrong way, there’s another turn. It leads to a shortcut that will catapult you ahead. Our prayers were answered when I gave Jerry Mastroeni a call from Dream Maker Homes. Jerry is an amazing man and a true blessing. He not only got us into our dream home he’s also working with me to secure my financial future. Jerry is my go to for any real estate needs and also someone I now have the privilege to call my friend. If you have a chance to work with Jerry don’t miss the opportunity and blessing. Carl Tapia